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Attractions and sights

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  • Hiking

    Mountain region around Elbrus provides great opportunity for hiking.
  • Alpine Skiing

    Alpine Skiing
    There are two nearby ski areas: Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Cheget. Lifts are few and slow, lines long, lodging rather primitive. The slopes, however, are steep, challenging and often untracked, with 3,800m top and 1,700 vertical drop -- it's an off-piste extreme freerider's dream.
    Alpine Skiing
  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing
    Caucasus mountains are the major rock climbing destination in Russia. There are numerous routes with different types of difficulties.
    Rock Climbing
  • Elbrus Peak Ascent

    Elbrus Peak Ascent
    There exist a number of climbing routes used to reach the summit of Mount Elbrus, the highest in Europe (5,640 m / 18,500 ft). The Normal Route is the easiest, safest and fastest on account of the cable car and chairlift system, going up to 3,780 m. There are no major difficulties on the route, apart from high elevation, crevasses and ice.
    Elbrus Peak Ascent
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    When to go

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    Warning: Questionable safety. Sort of OK at ski resorts and hiking with local guides, but otherwise may be rough

    Where to stay

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    How to get there

    By car or bus from Mineralnye Vody Airport, 100 mi / 3 hr


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